Little Red Jetta part 2

I texted a friend and told her that I bet 8:45 a.m. meant more like 9:30 a.m. Sure enough. At 9:30 a.m. the clerk came out to ask for our papers. As it would happen, our POC was not arriving anytime soon. -1 In a stroke of luck, she asked the clerk to fax our paperwork to her to review. +1. Note, We are still even.

We waited for the verdict.

Presto! Perfetto! All in order. We simply had to give them €110 and we could have the keys. Allora!

After some stamping of paperwork, passport checks and proof we had tags, they let us drive away in the car. +5

But not so fast. Turns out we actually do have to go to that office downtown to get the stamped T1 customs form. We must take the form to Vicenza for the customs inspection and clearing. We have 3 to 5 days after the stamp to complete this process or we have to pay a 22% import tax based on their value of the vehicle. This form is very important.

We arrive at the office only to be informed that we must sit and wait for the colleague who handles customs. -3


I think we’re up at this point, but I’m taking bets on when the colleague returns from his espresso break. Fingers crossed it’s before the lunch break or riposo.

Note: Now a big truck is parked behind the little red Jetta. Language prevented me from communicating how bad this is. At first we were both blocked. I convinced him to move with a lot of smiling and gesturing. But he only moved so far and then he was done. I think he said he would only be 10 minutes. I guess that was his bet. Allora.

Couldn’t make it up if I tried.

My Secret Garden

“…be still with me in bella Italia. This is the essence of dolce vita.”

So there I was coming down the interior stairwell in a large apartment building. As I stepped onto the 2nd floor landing, I heard beautiful music wafting in from an open stained glass door in the foyer. I was confused why there was a door and assumed it was a balcony. Curious about the music, I stepped around to look out and saw this enchanting secret garden.

It is hard to define perfection. At 4 p.m. there was a heavy, indolent feel to the hot sun as it refused to give up its grasp on the longest day of the year. Yet, the shade of the old olive tree and vines cooled the space by several degrees. I could hear crickets and birds dueling for notice above the piano serenade next door. The grass needed tending, but offered a casual backdrop for the empty pots, and broken lawnmower.

I heard the gnome say, “Don’t think about the grass and weeds. Unfold the chair and sit in the shade with me. Count the hydrangea blooms. Watch the butterflies and bees. Savor the solstice and be still with me in bella Italia. This is the essence of dolce vita.”

It moved me to tears. 

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