Living a Buzzed Life

Not that kind of buzzed!  The kind that starts with an annoying “bzzzz” near your ear.  You swat it away and there is silence for a few seconds, maybe a whole minute goes by and you think you’ve dodged a bullet. Then you hear it again, but by the other ear, or overhead or from areas near your exposed ankles. Swat!

This cycle has viciously played out many times since I arrived in Italy. I’ve used more DEET than in my whole life combined and they won’t leave me alone. The bites make a vicious welt, too. I seem to attract them more than Jerry does. Naturale!  I’m just sweeter than he is.

But all this begs the question, how in the world do Italians live here without window screens? They must have an anti-mosquito gene that makes their blood taste bad.  Plus, I would never be able to sleep with the mosquitoes bzzzzzing around like vampires.  Having window screens is a number one requirement for our house and access to lots of citronella.

It’s true that I stole the photo from another friend, but it is also truly indicative of the size of the mosquitoes here in Italy. I didn’t think you wanted to see smushed mosquito pics. But I think their size must make them slower than the domestic mosquitoes in the US. Here I routinely catch them in my hand and kill them. Dead mosquitoes are good mosquitoes is my motto. Perhaps their size does slow them down. Either way, it is only #day12 and I am already over them.