Magia di Barbarano Winer Tour

Magia di Barbarano on June 13, 2018 with Women Who Wine

#day5 was simply a perfect day. A storm the night before pushed out the humidity and while the sun was out, there was also a cool breeze which made it perfect for dining #alfresco.

I was able to meet new women, many from our unit, and even one who lives in the same village where we will hopefully be moving. I was also reminded that people are who make a place home. I’m blessed to have friends in place as I arrive and introductions to help pave the way. Able to see everyone today and put faces with names, meet new friends and hug old friends.

The winery tour experience was everything you imagine when you live stateside. The drive up into the hills was spectacular with views that require no squinting to know that you’re in the heart of the Veneto wine region.

This was a family owned vineyard that had 70-year-old olive trees and vineyards that stretched as far as my eye could see. Within two hours of harvesting they are cold pressing their own olive oil. They don’t distribute outside of the area and sell small batch wines on site. It was supposed to be a light lunch yet it was still a three-course example of Italian culinary yumminess. Giacomo was a lovely guide and Is passionate about his wine project. We plan to go back often!

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