Little Red Jetta part 1

Up at 4:30 am to drive to Ravenna to pick up our little red Jetta. Buy gas with coupons out of town +1.

Arrive given address and nothing there remotely like a place to pick up car. -1.

Google maps suggests an uficcio downtown which our better judgement says is wrong. We drive all around the port terminal area looking for Intermarine Shipping (IMS) and notice a sign for Traghetti e Crociere, a name on our paperwork. +1

We make a U turn and walk in an Italian ferry office to ask where the T&C office is located. The older gentleman speaks no English but recognizes the name and turns out it is only two doors down. +2

We get excited.

But in true Italian fashion, our POC did not arrive at 8:30 opening time. -4

Jerry reconned the lot and found the Jetta playing hide and seek with us. +1.

So far we are even.

Allora, we wait. And someone can sleep anywhere. He’s even snoring.

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