The Wheels on the Bus

The BLUF lesson from today’s blog is be careful what you tell the GPS lady when you’re driving in Europe. We asked for the “shortest route” and she took us down the narrowest country road I’ve ever seen.

This picture was in the widest part of the whole 5 miles…right at the end and it does no justice to how narrow parts of the road were. Barely wide enough for our van! During the harrowing curves and steep grades I was holding on to the “oh poop” handle so hard I couldn’t take a picture.


Another narrow Italian road on which we had to travel.  We faced down the big yellow bus on a road about this wide.  No wonder we lost.  I don’t even know how he managed to not scrape the side of the rock.

At one point, Jerry asked me what we would do if we met an oncoming vehicle. I basically said, “Duh, the smaller vehicle would have to back up.” My train of thought was that pretty much in Italy our van is the biggest vehicle I expected to see out on that obviously often untraveled road.

Joke was on me.

Not even half a mile later a big, yellow school bus rounded the bend in front of us and just sat there in the road looking at us as if to say, “What now, bi&C%S?” Yep, Jerry had to back up until we got to a driveway and the bus could pass us. Luckily, he backed up the van like a boss so it turned out OK. We only passed one other vehicle and we learned a great lesson. Take the long way down the mountain if it means better roads and no road sharing with school buses.

(I wish I had a picture of that bus driver staring us down.  When school is back in session, maybe I’ll drive up and take my chances. Who wants to tag along for the ride?)

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